Thursday, 29 November 2012

Party With The Sexy Las Vegas Escorts

TAO Las Vegas "Sexy Girls". A3 Network is a group of online TV channels that reflect the modern lifestyle, featuring Bikini Girls, Sexy Pool Parties, Nightlife, Clubs, DJ's, Music Video's, Style, Art and Fashion. Whatever the flavor, the most exciting video's on the web!

Check Tao Las Vegas today. Bring along your VIP High Class Las Vegas escort. Call 702-997-7008 And get ready to have the time of your life with one of the sexiest escorts you have ever met. Promise! 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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Monday, 26 November 2012

Las Vegas Escorts: Poker Time!

Coming to Las Vegas soon to play poker? Refresh yourself with a little refresher course from Scotty Nguyen, a true Las Vegas poker expert. Poker in the front, poker in the rear! That's what they say about Las Vegas escorts! Call Las Vegas Escorts 702-997-7008 and reserve your FS GFE Outcall Las Vegas escort.

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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Why Go To The Las Vegas Brothel?

Why would you want to go all the way out to Pahrump, Nevada to get an escort when Las Vegas escorts can be called for outcall to your Las Vegas strip of Casino Hotel room for a lot less hassle. No to mention, the brothel experience is very expensive. Our VIP Models and Stripper escorts are the same quality escorts for half the price. Plus, you get to go out and have some fun! Have a great time with a Las Vegas escort Call 702-505-8066 Now.

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Friday, 23 November 2012

Las Vegas Escorts Party at Tao

Las Vegas's hottest club is currently Tao. It's a great place to dance and party in Las Vegas. We've been getting our party on there since 2005. Tao is full of sexy women just like us! If you want to party VIP at Tao, call Las Vegas escorts at 702-505-8066 and we can probably hook you up with VIP treatment, depending on how far in advance you call and the popularity of the occasion. Call Las Vegas escorts for help with all you special club VIP needs. You'd be surprised what we could hook up.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Have Fun With A Las Vegas Escort Now!

Get wild and crazy with your GFE Las Vegas escort. We sponsor 100% independent Las Vegas escorts available for your pleasure. Check out our variety of Latin, Ebony and Asian Las Vegas escorts all available for your pleasures while visiting Sin City. Call 702-505-8066 today to book the hottest girl you have ever been with. Check out  all our Las Vegas escorts here. Book early for the holidays!

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Vera My Way

Vera - 702 478-1330
My best friend just told me there aren’t any other Las Vegas escorts that have the same amount of returning clientele that I do. I was so surprised and so flattered. But I know the reason that it’s true. The men that I have escorted around Vegas come back to me and make reservations in advance because I am good at what I do. They know I am a woman that enjoys pampering her clients and I love giving them pleasure. Pleasure is my business and I take my business very seriously. I told my girlfriend I am up for going to strip clubs, dance clubs or even a quiet evening in an excellent restaurant. There are so many ways to give men pleasure. I told her that I don’t mind giving private shows if they prefer it. I will even call in a girlfriend to give my gentlemen a two girl show. There is no doubt about it, I love what I do. I love being the one to give my clients pleasure. I love making them the king of the moments we are together. I especially love making their trip memorable. I guess that’s why I’m the best.

Danielle Loves It

702 472-7104
There is no place like Las Vegas. I love being able to escort my clients to the different places they want to go. I especially love being able to take them to the hottest night clubs and strip clubs in the city. My night last night was exhausting but I am happy to be going back out with him tonight. He came in on business and he wanted an escort to help him unwind after the negotiations he is in each day. After his meeting, he called me to the hotel and was so intense. We started the evening with a Vegas massage. Then we showered and he had this really hot outfit for me to wear. I was wondering why he asked my size when he requested me to be his escort. After giving me this really hot outfit, we dressed and hit every club that was open. He said he wanted to end the night better than the way we started it and I gave him a better show than he got in the clubs. I showed him how good of a private dancer I was. I had no complaints and the night definitely ended with a huge bang.

Alexa On The Town

Alexa - 702 505-8114
There is a reason that I love being one of the popular Las Vegas escorts. I am never at home but since I am today, I best take advantage of it. I have had the most amazing week. I went out with this great guy at the beginning of this week. He was in town on business and needed an escort for two days. We went to a business dinners and he was amazed at how easily his business partners gave in to him while I was there. He was so pleased with my effect on the meetings, we went to a couple clubs to celebrate. He loved watching the girls dance so I let him know I was a dancer as well. Needless to say, he enjoyed two nights of exquisitely erotic private shows. Then I went out with another great guy that was here for his birthday. Oh boy did we have some serious fun. We went to every club possible and ended the night with a sexy Las Vegas massage. After the massage, we went skinny dipping and needless to say, I have made arrangements to be his escort when he comes back to Vegas next month.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Hello From Claudia!

Claudia 702 478-3052
I am glad that I am a blonde in Las Vegas. I had a blast last night and I get to do it all over again with someone new tonight. I have never been shy and I love to be out with different clients so being an escort along with being a professional stripper is great. So I met this great guy last night and we had so much fun. He always fantasized about dating a stripper so I gave him a serious girlfriend experience. He picked me up and gave me flowers. We went to some of the most romantic places in town and then the night turned a little naughty. We went back to his hotel room so we could have some alone time. I’m sure the people in the neighboring rooms had a lot to listen to so I don’t know how much privacy we had. He wanted me to give him a private show so I did. I also gave him a Vegas massage. The massage led to some serious cuddling and kissing. By the time the sun came up, we were still up and having a great time as a couple, doing what couples do.

Zoey's Update

I have been told I am the most innocent looking of all the Las Vegas escorts available. After the date that I had last night, I wouldn’t put much faith into that innocent nonsense. I had the pleasure of escorting a great gentleman around town. He was so sweet. We had a great time talking and visiting the casinos. Then he took me to this really exclusive restaurant and we hung out there. He talked about business and the vacations that he’s had. But as the night wore on, he let me take the lead and show him things with a little more spice. We went dancing and then we went to my favorite club. I showed him just how bad I could be when I started dancing with a couple of my friends for him. As soon as I got back to our table, he told me some of the things that he wanted to do to me and with me. We got back to his hotel room and I had one of the wildest nights that I’ve had in a very long time. The Las Vegas massage that we started with was only the tip of the iceberg.

Alyssa Is Hot Too

Alyssa 702 299-6873
Las Vegas is hot. I love what I do and do a lot of things that other women and escorts wish they could do. I met this guy last night, his first night in Vegas and he immediately told me that he wanted me to be his escort for the next week. He told me that my dark beauty was just what he was looking for. He told me that he needs an escort to different functions as well as show him the livelier side of Vegas. The first place we went was to check in with his business partner and have a business dinner. As soon as that was over, we were on the town having so much fun. We saw the sights in Vegas and then we started going to the clubs. He wanted to see erotic so we went to the hottest night clubs open. Then I had to give him some erotic views of me. By the time we got back to his hotel room, he was feeling great and wanted me to help him end the night with a celebration. We started with a massage and ended short of breath. I am a lucky woman.

Tessa Says She's Got Skills...

Las Vegas escorts wish they had my skills. There is so much I could say but who am I kidding, it wouldn’t do them any good because they aren’t me! I had an amazing night last night. So, I met this guy that was looking for a leggy blonde to show him around Vegas and when he saw me, his jaw dropped. I put on my sexiest outfit because I knew he only wanted to hang out for the evening and have a great time. So we met at one of the hottest clubs here, at the bar. He couldn’t keep his hands to himself. Oh, we danced and had a couple drinks. We started at a hot club and then went to an erotic club since he told me it was the last night he would be here from a business trip. I thought I would give him something to remember. So, we went into the club and I hit the pole. He was amazed at how far my legs could spread and when I got back to our table, he was so into me. We went back to his hotel room and ended the night with a bang.

Alize Love's Las Vegas

702 478-1501
I’m exhausted! I love Las Vegas and the people here. Last night was another wild night working but I just can’t find the energy to complain. Nor would I want to. I met this guy that was so adorable and looking for a girlfriend experience. He was so shy but I knew there was something more in him. We met at this cute little restaurant. As soon as he saw me, I saw the interest but he was a total gentleman. As soon as we finished with our lunch, we went sightseeing. This was his first trip to Vegas so we did the tourist thing and a little extra. I couldn’t help it. After a couple hours, he told me that we have to change for the evening. Glad I came prepared. We went back to his hotel room and changed like normal couples and set the night on fire. We went clubbing and drinking. He had a great time and all the men that saw us were so mad they couldn’t be him. When we got back to the hotel, he wanted to end the night with a little cuddle. And we cuddled and more. Oh what a night!

Ushi Loves Her Job!

702 403-1321
There is no better job than this. Most Las Vegas escorts envy my popularity and I know why. Tonight was amazing and I never thought I would have so much fun with someone I just met. We met in the lobby of one of the largest hotels here and had drinks before we started our night out. He wanted to go to different clubs and casinos. I loved that he took care of me and pampered me like I was a little Asian doll. I felt like one next to this big and sexy guy. He let me cater to him, treating him like a king. As soon as he was ready to leave one club, we did. As the evening went on, he got more affectionate and amorous so I turned up the heat. He loved going to the more erotic spots that Vegas has to offer. He let me lead him into a more exotic world, my world and needless to say, he was blown away. He told me I was so much different than the women he usually dated and that I knew how to have a great time. This is why I love what I do.

Nikki's News

702 297-5269
I love my life. My job is so much fun. Tonight I had a date with some new friends and it was awesome. We met at my favorite restaurant and we had drinks. He and his wife were so funny and so curious about the club scene and adult entertainment industry in Las Vegas. It was cute to see them as a couple, interacting and I loved being the center of their attention. When we started going to the clubs, they enjoyed the attention they got. Of course I know they were the envy of the club because they were out with me and we got the royal treatment everywhere we went. As we made our way through the city, we went to clubs that were more and more erotic and sexy. We were all very cozy and comfortable by the time they wanted to end the night. As we got back to their hotel room, they said they wanted a massage so I got to end our evening by giving them a Las Vegas massage. The wife didn’t think she would enjoy her massage as much but I know I changed her mind. They loved their trip to Vegas.
Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Las Vegas GFE Massage

Rest assured all of our 100% independent Las Vegas escorts have graduated from the You Tube university of massage. Hey, we get it, you are looking for a decent massage with a little GFE lovin afterwards! We got you covered. Many of our girls are licensed massage therapists. These Las Vegas escorts can usually be to your Las Vegas casino hotel or suite in under 45 minutes! Be sure to make that special request when you call 702-505-8066 to book your lil extra massage from Las Vegas escorts.

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Friday, 9 November 2012

Adventure Boy Seeking An Adventurous Las Vegas Escort?

Don't worry adventure boy, we got you covered with a day or half day excursion on a 4 wheeler at Hidden Valley. This is an extream, I scream, fun time! Join us and don't forget to bring your favorite gal pal! Check these guys out on Facebook   Check Us Out Here: Lotsa Sexy Girls In Las Vegas!

Ivy - 702 475-7588

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

X-Scream Las Vegas Escorts

Get high with a Las Vegas escort! Over 900 feet high on the Las Vegas Stratosphere X-Scream Ride. What a great way to get started with your Las Vegas Escort. It's much more fun to ride with a hot chick, not your friends from the convention! Call 702-505-8066 and get ready for the thrill of a lifetime in Sin City, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Monday, 5 November 2012

GFE Las Vegas Tour Guides

I'll tell ya right now, all the Las Vegas Hotels and Casinos are much nicer with a hot girl on your arm. Check out inside some of the Sin City's strips major destinations:

Call 702-505-8066 and have a Las Vegas escort ready for your personal walk through on your first night on the town. It's always better to go with a sexy professional GFE Las Vegas tour guide!

Felisha - 702 505-8116

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Stay Out Of Trouble In Las Vegas

Remember never use escorts advertised on the flyers on the strip. You can get in trouble and end up in a Nat Geo video! Las Vegas is notorious for having bad cops and bad jails. Avoid the trouble by using an Official Las Vegas escort who will show up direct to your hotel or casino suite.

Call Official Las Vegas escorts today to reserve one of the sexiest 100% escorts in Las Vegas. Call 702-505-8066 and order up a sexy GFE model escort for a Nuru massage, Swedish massage, private show and more! Las Vegas escorts love women, so get one for you and your girlfriend or wife. That's hot!

Erin - 702 475-7597

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