Saturday, 23 July 2011

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I am bootylicious from head to toe. I am a man's fantasy girl. A lady in the street, but a freek in the sheets if you know what I mean ;) I cannot wait to put my hands on you. My biggest turn on in a guy is the cologne they wear. I know weird right? I just can't resist a guy that smells wonderful, that takes my breath away.

I'm Kiki if you want to enjoy an exotic and pleasurable day or night or the entire day, then you need to call me at 702-506-0913. I don't give my number to just anyone so you must be extra extra special to be getting it. I have so many fantasies that I can't wait to try with you. It's all up to you what you want us to do. I can just imagine me giving you a hot oil massage and laying my fingers all over you. I'm getting hot thinking about it. Call me right now to get to know each other.

Most guys love tiny Asian escorts. If you love slim Asians, I am your girl! I am just what you would expect from an Asian girl. I am very submissive and love to please my man. Did I mention that I am tiny lol! If you never experienced or always dreamed of dating an Asian girl, you should call me the next time you are in Vegas.

Yes, it's true, I am in great physical shape. I like to run 10K races. It keeps me in top physical form so  I can perform 110% at my job. I am a little spinner that will know your socks off! You will feel like a big man when we are finished with our date because I am so tiny! Call me today!
Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The Girls Are At It Again!

It looks like Candice and Jody have been busy posting on the site this week. Be sure to stop by and see the latest hot stuff from these hot girls. Sometimes these stories are, well, incredibly hot. I makes me want to call one of them right now! Gee, maybe that's the idea??? :)

Thanks also to you comment and review contributors. We know it takes some effort to sit down and write a few words about your experiences, and we appreciate it very much.

Be sure to visit all the hot bloggers over at Las Vegas Escorts Blogs and read some of the best stuff you'll find on the web. -- xoxo!

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