Friday, 24 August 2012

Nevada Escorts That Aren't Cows!

This guy goes into a Nevada Brothel & gives the lady at the front desk $500 & tells her that he wants a Las Vegas Escort that can handle him.

She replies, go down the hall & its the second door on the right.

He does & just as they get started the escort starts screaming from the pain. He then marches back to the front desk & tell the woman that he said he wanted an escort that could handle him.

She says, ok go down the hall & its the third door on the left.

He does & once again the woman starts screaming just as they get started. Then he goes back to the front desk & she says I know, I know, you want an escort that can handle you.

She says, ok, ok, this time go all the way down the hall & down the stairs, there won't be any lights so just feel around til you hit something wet & stick it in.

He does this & just as they get started nothing happens there isn't any screaming. Well he thinks, finally, this could work.

As he gets into it he shouts "Oh yea, talk to me baby".

She replies "MOOOOOO"!

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