Monday, 19 November 2012

Alexa On The Town

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There is a reason that I love being one of the popular Las Vegas escorts. I am never at home but since I am today, I best take advantage of it. I have had the most amazing week. I went out with this great guy at the beginning of this week. He was in town on business and needed an escort for two days. We went to a business dinners and he was amazed at how easily his business partners gave in to him while I was there. He was so pleased with my effect on the meetings, we went to a couple clubs to celebrate. He loved watching the girls dance so I let him know I was a dancer as well. Needless to say, he enjoyed two nights of exquisitely erotic private shows. Then I went out with another great guy that was here for his birthday. Oh boy did we have some serious fun. We went to every club possible and ended the night with a sexy Las Vegas massage. After the massage, we went skinny dipping and needless to say, I have made arrangements to be his escort when he comes back to Vegas next month.


Raj Kumar said...

Hey! I just returned from Las Vegas and I must agree. I am no customer as you said but I really liked it. Isn't it strange?

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