Sunday, 18 November 2012

Alyssa Is Hot Too

Alyssa 702 299-6873
Las Vegas is hot. I love what I do and do a lot of things that other women and escorts wish they could do. I met this guy last night, his first night in Vegas and he immediately told me that he wanted me to be his escort for the next week. He told me that my dark beauty was just what he was looking for. He told me that he needs an escort to different functions as well as show him the livelier side of Vegas. The first place we went was to check in with his business partner and have a business dinner. As soon as that was over, we were on the town having so much fun. We saw the sights in Vegas and then we started going to the clubs. He wanted to see erotic so we went to the hottest night clubs open. Then I had to give him some erotic views of me. By the time we got back to his hotel room, he was feeling great and wanted me to help him end the night with a celebration. We started with a massage and ended short of breath. I am a lucky woman.


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