Monday, 19 November 2012

Danielle Loves It

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There is no place like Las Vegas. I love being able to escort my clients to the different places they want to go. I especially love being able to take them to the hottest night clubs and strip clubs in the city. My night last night was exhausting but I am happy to be going back out with him tonight. He came in on business and he wanted an escort to help him unwind after the negotiations he is in each day. After his meeting, he called me to the hotel and was so intense. We started the evening with a Vegas massage. Then we showered and he had this really hot outfit for me to wear. I was wondering why he asked my size when he requested me to be his escort. After giving me this really hot outfit, we dressed and hit every club that was open. He said he wanted to end the night better than the way we started it and I gave him a better show than he got in the clubs. I showed him how good of a private dancer I was. I had no complaints and the night definitely ended with a huge bang.


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