Sunday, 18 November 2012

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I love my life. My job is so much fun. Tonight I had a date with some new friends and it was awesome. We met at my favorite restaurant and we had drinks. He and his wife were so funny and so curious about the club scene and adult entertainment industry in Las Vegas. It was cute to see them as a couple, interacting and I loved being the center of their attention. When we started going to the clubs, they enjoyed the attention they got. Of course I know they were the envy of the club because they were out with me and we got the royal treatment everywhere we went. As we made our way through the city, we went to clubs that were more and more erotic and sexy. We were all very cozy and comfortable by the time they wanted to end the night. As we got back to their hotel room, they said they wanted a massage so I got to end our evening by giving them a Las Vegas massage. The wife didn’t think she would enjoy her massage as much but I know I changed her mind. They loved their trip to Vegas.


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