Sunday, 18 November 2012

Tessa Says She's Got Skills...

Las Vegas escorts wish they had my skills. There is so much I could say but who am I kidding, it wouldn’t do them any good because they aren’t me! I had an amazing night last night. So, I met this guy that was looking for a leggy blonde to show him around Vegas and when he saw me, his jaw dropped. I put on my sexiest outfit because I knew he only wanted to hang out for the evening and have a great time. So we met at one of the hottest clubs here, at the bar. He couldn’t keep his hands to himself. Oh, we danced and had a couple drinks. We started at a hot club and then went to an erotic club since he told me it was the last night he would be here from a business trip. I thought I would give him something to remember. So, we went into the club and I hit the pole. He was amazed at how far my legs could spread and when I got back to our table, he was so into me. We went back to his hotel room and ended the night with a bang.


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